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In a tree, you might see a squirrel, some birds, and a caterpillar. he squirrel finds shelter and safety in the treetop. he he elephant wins the prize for the longest pregnancy. lephant mothers are pregnant for twenty-two months. hat is almost two years! E T P Chapter Two age 11 T Chapter Four age 26 W W A T T  T  P A P T T P Chapter One age 5 ien e: A c sc R eal World nimals 2 Glossary adaptations (a-dap-TAY-shuns) features of living organisms that help them survive in their habitat carnivores (CAR-ni-vohrs) animals that eat only other animals cartilage (CAR-tuh-lidj) firm but flexible type of tissue in animals’ bodies clutch (KLUHCH) collection of bird or reptile eggs ecosystem (EEK-oh-sis-tem) type of habitat that includes all the animals, plants, land, water sources, and even weather patterns that make it up food chain (FOOD CHANE) cycle in which one life form eats another gills (GILS) organ which allows underwater animals to get oxygen from water habitat (HA-buh-tat) place where an animal lives herbivores (UR-bi-vohr) animals that eat only plants larva (lar-vuh) pre-adult stage of some insects molting (MULTing) losing skin or feathers to make room for new growth omnivores (AHM-ni-vore) animals that eat both plants and animals predator (PRED-a-tohr) animal that hunts and kills other animals for food prey (PRAY) animal that is being hunted by a predator species (SPEE-sheez) group of animals who share common physical features and behaviors tundra (TUN-druh) vast, flat, treeless part of the rctic where soil just below the surface is A always frozen L 21st Century Skill s 30 ibrary For More Information Books Burnie, David.

The Encyclopedia of Animals: A Complete Visual Guide. Berkeley and Los ngeles: niversity of California ress, 2004. P U P eb Sites N T R A Strauss, ochelle. Tree of Life: The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth. onawanda, Y: Kids Can ress, 2004. com/animals thorough collection of animal facts, articles, and videos. html list of fun and informative facts from the award-winning BS television series Nature. html n interactive eb site of animal information, sounds, videos, and more from Wild Animals A to Z W A the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

Look for the following margin notes: Learning & Innovation Skills You need to learn about lots of things, but you also need to learn how to learn. These notes give you hints about how to use what you know in better and more creative ways. indd 1 21 st Centur y Content You study reading, math, science, and social studies. You also need to learn about the world of work and your community. These notes tell you about business and money. They also give you ideas about how you can help yourself, your community, and the world.

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