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Closely associated with, but technically not a part of, the septum are the bed nuclei of the stria terminalis and the anterior commissure. In addition, there is the rather large nucleus accumbens, which in its complete nomenclature (nucleus accumbens septi), means the nucleus leaning against the septum. Fig. 4-6. Series of coronal sections from successively more posterior regions of the hippocampus (He). Compare these figures with the appearance of different anteroposterior levels of Figures 4-4 and 4-5.

The curved structure of the hippocampus (HC) can be easily seen in this dissection. in which the overlying cortex and the basal ganglia have been removed. The corpus callosum (CC) and the thalamus (TH) provide additional landmarks. 35 TOPOGRAPHY OF THE LIMBIC SYSTEM 36 CHAPTER 4 Fig. 4-3. The three most commonly used planes of transection are the coronal plane (e), the sagittal plane (S), and the horizontal plane (H). The series of sections shown in Figure 4-6 shows the appearance of the hippocampus in coronal sections of the brain.

By analogy, carrot slices are cross sections and carrot sticks are longitudinal sections. Terms Defining Lateral Positions (See Fig. 2-3) The central nervous system is bilaterally symmetrical and a number of terms are in common usage to denote relationships between the two sides: The term ipsilateral refers to a structure that is on the same side. The left foot is ipsilateral to the left hand. A ____ ~ ________ ~ ____________ B Fig. 2-2. Panel A uses a carrot to depict longitudinal sections. Panel B shows a cross section.

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