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I CUBIC CENTIMETER O F AIR ( 760 mm. Hg. 001293 GRAM O F AIRI Figure 2-1. OR - UNIT I ROENTGEN Definilion of the roentgen in diagrammatic form. PROTECTIVE MEASURES IN X-RAY DIAGNOSIS A QUANTITY ANY 25 OF A N Y T Y P E OF I O N I Z I N G R A D I A T I O N ACCOMPA N I E D B Y A N A B S ORPTION O F 100 ERGS .... IN . A GRAM O F ANY KIND OF M E D I U M RAD Figure 2-2. A . Diagram of the rad. B . D i agram of the rem. RADIATION DOSE RECEIVED BY THE SKIN AND GONADS IN RADIOGRAPHIC EXAMINATIONS (per film) * TABLE 2-1 Dose per Exposure (with back scalter) - Examination Sinuses Ku.

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