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By Donald E Teeter

"This ebook offers with the true Holy Grail in doing so it calls into query the entire assumptions of numerous huge smooth religions in regards to the very nature of God."

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Not only could the ancients have carried out the resurrection, I believe, anyone can! This simple experiment should be proof to anyone that Amanita Muscaria is producing one or more exceptional antibiotics. All the resurrected cultures were dried to convert Ibotenic Acid to Muscimol, these seemed to possess the same gram for gram potency that they originally had. The foods used were grape juice, boiled barley water and honey water. Grape juice was chosen because it was readily available to ancient people in the Middle East and Mediterranean Basin.

The Fly Agaric even has a white variety. The experts are not done thrashing all this out yet. I, however, only gather the yellow, orange, or red ones. Host trees seem to make a slight difference in potency; in my personal experience the ones growing with any species of pine being slightly better than other host tree species. In your area it may be a different tree host that yields the best herb of Life. The Amanita Muscaria is a mycorhiza fungus and it lives in a symbiotic relationship with certain tree species.

Lastly, is preserve ability; all herbs decline in potency over time. Such things as oxygen, moisture, light and heat all work to change any herb’s chemistry. Physical changes may accelerate these changes; grinding an herb into a powder, for example, allows herb chemicals to escape and other things, like oxygen, in. The herb of Life is no exception to this rule. The Amanita Muscaria must be dried before use! The large pieces resulting from this drying, if stored in sealed plastic bags that are then placed in airtight plastic or glass containers preserve fairly well.

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