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By T. E. Bearden

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S. Wouldn't React 28 Indeed, we may unwittingly do it to ourselves by accident, even without a BW strike by the Soviets, small enemy powers, or a madman. Throughout the West, it is now most fashionable to experiment with the production of new bacteria and viruses. Gene-splicing, rccombinant DNA genetics, etc. " Even some high school students have experimented with this sort of thing. Many other colleagues, universities, and private persons are proceeding full-tilt with casual experiments. Most of this "casual experimentation" is uncontrolled.

Wouldn't React new environmental BW agents emerging all around us. For some of them, it is a foregone conclusion that we have little or no natural immunity developed. So we are going to enter an increasingly harsh environment, characterized by the rise of great epidemics and pandemics of many kinds. Inevitably some of these coming scourges are going to rival the "Black Death" in ferocity and lethality. Effective defense against one or more such BW viral attacks — either against our forces in the field or against our civilian population — can only be provided by a ready, fully developed technology of electromagnetic healing.

In laboratory experiments that were a legitimate and vital part of the war against cancer, animal retroviruses were repeatedly injected into human cell cultures until they recombined to produce strains hostile to human life—strains that would thus live in human cell cultures. Even though their work was accomplished for a totally different purpose, cancer laboratories produced the ultimate, made-to-order biological warfare agents. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also strongly penetrated — and even controlled at some levels—by communist agents, as are many other such international agencies.

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