Aggregating clones, colors, equations, iterates, numbers, by János Aczél (auth.), János Aczél (eds.) PDF

By János Aczél (auth.), János Aczél (eds.)

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Finanzarchiv 44 (I) (1986), 98-109. [3] ACZEL, J. , Constituent-sensitive public fund sharing. In Mathematical modelling in economics. Springer, Berlin, 1993, pp. 3-10. , Aggregation von Produktionsfunktionen. Klein-Nataf-Aggregation ohne Annahmen iiber die Dijferenzierbarkeit und Stetigkeit. [Lecture Notes in Econom. and Math. Systems, No. 74]. Springer, Berlin, 1972. [5] VAN DAAL, J. and MERKIEs, A. H. Q. , Consistency and representativity in a historical perspective. In Measurement in economics.

E IR k •m (which would be the Cl = C2 = ... = Cm = 0 case of (11)). - We have also the following alternative condition, necessary and sufficient for (10) to hold with a homeomorphism cjJ and with constants Cl, ••• , Cm not all zero: The nonconstant function f should satisfy (8), there should exist an t E {I, ... ,m} and an x E IR~ such that I-.. x) be continuous on RI and on Ri and every value of u on IR~ be already assumed on R{x, where RI := { (1, ... , 1, ... , 1, ... , 1, t, ... , t, 1, ...

The final total amount at its disposal will depend on these, equalling, say,h(rb tb Sk) (so the actual federal equalization payment or subvention will be fk(rb tb Sk) - rk ). As we know, the lower levels of government have their hands more tied even, or in particular, concerning taxation. In our model (Table 2) this is reflected so strongly AMS (1991) subject classification: Primary 39B22, Secondary 90A07, 90AlO, 90A70, 92G05. Manuscript received December 3, 1992 and, in final form, August 23, 1993.

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