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By Luo F.L., Ye H.

There are numerous households of DC/DC converters comprising countless numbers of other topologies. Sorting in the course of the a variety of houses and features is clearly a frightening job. Culled from the pages of the groundbreaking complicated DC/DC Converters, this ebook presents a concentrated, concise review of greater than 50 topologies of multi-quadrant converters. All facets of those topologies are illustrated via designs built by means of the authors over the years. The publication starts off with multiple-quadrant converters through switched part (SC and SI) converters, multiple-lift push-pull switched-capacitor converters, and eventually, multiple-quadrant soft-switching converters.

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1 Circuit Description When switch S2 is off, source current i1 = 0. Current iL1 flows through the switch S2 and capacitor C, and increases. Current iL1 flows through the switch S2, and increases. When switch S2 is off, the source current i1 = iL1 + iL2. The free-wheeling diode D1 is conducted. Both currents iL1 and iL2 decrease. Inductor L1 transfers its stored energy to capacitor C. In the mean time current iL2 flows through the source V1. 3c. 3a and b. Actually, the variations of currents iL1 and iL2 are small so that iL1 ª IL1 and iL2 ª IL2 The charge on capacitor C increases during switch off and on: Q+ = (1 – k)T IL2 Q– = kTIL1 In a whole period investigation, Q+ = Q–.

Usually, one inductor is required for a SI DC/DC converter. Since it consists of only an inductor, it is small. This converter has advantages: no matter how many quadrant operations and how large the difference between input and output voltages, only one inductor is usually employed in one SI DC/DC converter. 1 Introduction A new type DC/DC converter consisting of capacitors only was developed around the 1980s. Since it can be integrated into a power semiconductor IC chip, it has attracted much attention in recent years.

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