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By Ngoc Thanh Nguyen

This ebook is a primary. It fills a massive hole out there and gives a large picture of clever applied sciences for inconsistency solution. the necessity for this answer of information inconsistency arises in lots of useful purposes of computers. this sort of inconsistency effects from using a number of assets of information in understanding useful initiatives. those assets are frequently self sufficient and use varied mechanisms for processing wisdom in regards to the comparable genuine global. this may bring about compatibility difficulties.

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4. Consistency Measure for Conflict Profiles 39 • The average distance in profile X: M M ⎧ 1 1 d ijX = ∑ ∑ ⎪ M d mean ( X ) = ⎨ M ( M − 1) i =1 j =1 ⎪0 ⎩ M ∑ wiX for M > 1 i =1 . for M = 1 Value d mean ( X ) represents the average of all distances between different elements of the profile. Notice that the word “different” refers only to the indexes of the elements. In fact some of them may be identical because of repetitions. • The total average distance in profile X: ∑ dt_mean(X) = d ( x, y ) x , y∈ X M ( M + 1) .

4. Consistency Measure for Conflict Profiles 29 experts generating opinions about the GDP level for a country, if their opinions are the same then the consistency of their knowledge on this matter should be maximal. • Extended postulate for maximal consistency (P1b): If in a given conflict profile some element is dominant (by its large number of occurrences) in such degree that the numbers of occurrences of other elements are insignificant, then the consistency should be near to the maximal value.

First of all, these weights should be reflected in the distances between the opinions of 44 2. Model of Knowledge Conflict the conflict participants. Formally, for reflecting the weights we introduce the set of participants; generally, we call them agents. Let then X be a conflict profile which consists of opinions of agents from set A with such assumption that each agent has exactly one opinion in the profile. Of course, some agents may have the same opinion, therefore, X is a set of repetitions.

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