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By Deborah W. Vaughan

This CD-ROM with accompanying guide will introduce clinical, allied healthiness, and undergraduate scholars to the common sense of anatomical considering and the microscopic constitution of the body's tissues. Its correlation of low strength with excessive energy perspectives, the standard of its photographs, and the convenience of utilizing the CD could be really appealing positive aspects. it isn't a whole digital atlas with links of images to textual content yet relatively a overview of morphology that vitamins the background lab the place scholars glance through a microscope at slides of tissue specimens.

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An example of this epithelial type is seen in the kidney tissue section. The structure of the kidney is discussed in Chapter 13; at this point simply learn to recognize a simple squamous epithelium. Look in the cortical region of the kidney and find the renal corpuscles. These are SIMPLE SQUAMOUS EPITHELIUM Slide #160: Kidney; radial section; H&E stain; 4 um thick methacrylate section; nonhuman primate. Higher magnification image: • (high) simple squamous epithelium spherical structures within which are tufts of blood capillaries.

MESOTHELIUM Slide #166: Urinary Bladder; Lee's stain; 4 um thick methacrylate section; nonhuman primate. Higher magnification image: • (high) mesothelium SIMPLE CUBOIDAL EPITHELIUM. The testis is an egg-shaped solid organ, and this tissue section is from a block that has been prepared by trimming off the curved faces from two sides of the organ, leaving the central region of the testis. Observe the network of anastomosing canals identified as the rete testis (rete, a net; testis, in the testis) embedded in the core of this organ.

Higher magnification image: • (high) stratified squamous keratinized epithelium STRATIFIED SQUAMOUS NONKERATINIZED EPITHELIUM. Although in most tissue sections the organ's lumen corresponds to the concave surface, you should recognize that this is not always true. Think about a block of tissue that has been removed as a biopsy (bio-, life + -ops, vision) sample: as the block is immersed in a fixative, the more solidly packed underlying tissues contract and stretch the weaker tissues of the luminal surface into a convex surface.

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