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Cannot are only present and which It no longer exists, it does not exist, but it insists, it consists, it is. It insists with forms it it former the a pure, new or present present ... the present, consists with it is In that time. effect, when we say general, a priori element of it that the was, we necessarily speak of a past present contemporaneous with formed it 1994,82). `after. ' (Deleuze: which never was present, since was not 54 iii) Third Paradox. This brings us to the third paradox. We have moved, with impossible logic, from the fact that the present co-exists with its own past `self, ' to the fact of the present's co-existence with the whole of the past in its entirety, to the third paradox that, as it is impossible for a former present to pass, it must be the case that the past already exists in its entirety.

The divergence is only a banal difference becauseit dependsupon something external to itself: the difference In two things. the of other words, would not exist without the two comparison things compared being brought together in that way. For example, if we want to know dogs has the that this one physical characteristics of we might note a snub muzzle, about this one has black spots, this one has a long tail, etc. Such differences only exist in dogs One between (i. that to their of e. otherness), presupposes similarity.

Perhaps one of the clearest examples of Deleuze studying and explicating the process of creation is his 2004a). " (Schroeder: 1998, xviii). 31 The fundamental difference between real and abstractmovement would be the partiality of the former: it takes itself to be limited by the situation, but at the sametime, as capable of re-configuring that situation. An abstractmovement does not touch upon the reality of the situation it attempts to apply itself to, becauseit goes beyond partiality towards totality: it always seeksthe final explanation, resolution, conclusion or solution.

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