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By Claude Berube, John Rodgaard

Charles Stewart’s lifetime of crusing and strive against at the excessive seas competitors that of Patrick O’Brien’s fictional hero, Jack Aubrey. Stewart held extra sea instructions (11) than the other U.S. military captain and served longer (63 years) than any officer in American naval historical past. He commanded all types of warship, from sloop to ship-of-the-line, and served each president from John Adams to Abraham Lincoln.Born in Philadelphia throughout the American Revolution, Stewart met President Washington and went to sea as a cabin boy on a merchantman prior to age 13. In March 1798, at age nineteen, he acquired a naval fee one month sooner than the dep. of the military was once demonstrated. Stewart went directly to an illustrious naval occupation: Thomas Jefferson well-known his Mediterranean exploits in the course of the Barbary Wars, Stewart urged James Madison on the outset of the conflict of 1812, and Stewart educated many destiny senior naval officers—including David Porter, David Dixon Porter, and David G. Farragut—in 3 wars. He served as a pallbearer at President Lincoln’s funeral. Stewart cemented his attractiveness as commander of the Navy’s strongest frigate, the USS structure. No different captain commanded this send for an extended wartime interval or via extra naval engagements. Undefeated in conflict, together with defeating the British warships Cyane and Levant at the same time, either send and captain got here to be often called “Old Ironsides.”

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John Smith, arrived on 12 29 ................. 11333$ $CH3 05-20-05 13:09:43 PS PAGE 29 A Call to the Sea September. The flagship carrying Preble, the forty-four-gun frigate Constitution, arrived on 14 September. The thirty-six-gun frigate New York, commanded by Capt. John Rodgers, and the twenty-eight-gun frigate John Adams, commanded by Capt. Hugh G. Campbell, had preceded her by one day, while Charles Stewart brought Syren into Gibraltar on 1 October. Stephen Decatur joined his friends when he arrived with his brig, the sixteengun Argus, in Gibraltar on 1 November.

Losing no time, Lieutenant Stewart shifted into his dress uniform and left his brig to personally present to the dey of Algiers gifts that would augment the recently concluded peace. After a brief stay in Algiers, Stewart set sail for Syracuse, Sicily, and Preble’s squadron. Arriving in Syracuse on 29 December, Stewart and his crew saw the new year in with the rest of the squadron as it anchored in Augusta Bay. Preparations for the coming offensive against the bashaw of Tripoli and dealing with the Philadelphia problem occupied all in the squadron.

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